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Aug. 2014 – December 2015 Webster University, Vienna, AUSTRIA
Master degree of Art in International Relations, GPA: 3,56/4
v Specialization in Conflict Studies and International Public Law
v Master thesis under the guidance of Dr. Franco Algieri, “Competing Theories of Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, Comparing the Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
Sept. 2013 – June 2014 Paris IV Sorbonne, Paris FRANCE
Master degree in Modern History with Honors
v Emphasis on Transnational Issues and Conflicts, from 1815 to Present days
v Master...

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To whom it may concern.

Please find enclosed my resume in application for the position of Parliamentarian Assistant with the French National Assembly .
As you can see in my resume, I pursued various academic degrees and I think their nature has prepared me to work with all the capabilities of a good professional. Moreover, considering my own personal background and my diverse professional experiences, in France, Turkey and Austria, among intern...